Sales information


Meeli Linn

Tel: 52 971 51


The contract price includes

  • Readiness of the apartment and the building as stated in the project and interior decoration project.
  • Fee for the construction of and access to utility networks (electricity, water, district heating and sewerage infrastructure).
  • Storage room and one or two parking spaces.
  • Sanitary fixtures in the bathroom.

The contract price excludes

  • Notary fee and state fee incurred in connection with the sales agreement.
  • Initial connection charges for telephone, data, cable television and security service, security alarm system.

The sale is conducted in three stages

A reservation agreement is concluded with the customer. This agreement is free and valid for 2 weeks.
Contract under the law of obligations
If the construction of the apartment building has not been completed, a notarial contract under the law of obligations will be entered into with the customer. For this, a 15% pre-payment on the sales price must be made by the Buyer.
Real right contract
If the construction of the apartment building has been completed, a notarial real right contract will be concluded. This brings about a transfer of ownership and the customer must pay the remaining 85% of the sales price at this point.